Our trainings update the timeless skills of storytelling and social change strategy for our current context of media-saturation, hyper-branding and 24-hour news cycles.

We combine a wide range of skills and analysis into customized trainings, intensive multi-day seminars, and innovative learning lab spaces for putting newly learned concepts into praxis. CSS' multi-media, interactive curriculum focuses on in-depth analysis of power, story, and memes in the context of grassroots social change work.

Who is story-based strategy for?



Individuals who want a basic understanding of how to use SBS as a day to day coaching and development tool.



Individuals who want a more in depth understanding of how to use SBS with teams and groups for in-house use.

How do I learn story-based strategy?

Story-based Strategy: Core Concepts Online Workshop

This is a self-paced online workshop (approx. 90-minute long) begins to unpack what story-based strategy is and how it can be applied.

Story-based Strategy: Core Concepts In-Person Workshop

This in-person workshop (2-3 hours long) begins to unpack what story-based strategy is and how it can be applied.

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Introduction to Story-based Strategy: Theory & Practice Training

Our full-day in-person trainings go deeper into learning story-based strategy through guided facilitation and practice — specific tools/activities are modeled and used.

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The Advanced Practitioner Training

A fully-immersive 5 day, 4 night residential experience to learn, practice, and connect story-based strategy with other social change practitioners.

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Our trainings provide participants with comprehensive frameworks to create more holistic social change narratives, while integrating messaging and storytelling with solid grassroots organizing and effective campaigning. Check the Training Calendar now!