Our Intro Training is a full-day introduction to story-based strategy with no prerequisites.

This interactive session will provide participants with a practical framework to create powerful stories and hands-on tools for framing your issues.  We will explore what it means to apply a “narrative analysis of power” to social change work and share the story-based strategy approach for developing campaign narratives.

This training is perfect for organizers looking to ground themselves in winning framing and communication strategies, as well as anyone working for progressive change who wants to become a more strategic storyteller and story-changer.


At the Intro Training, you WILL...

  • Explore and unpack story-based strategy and narrative thinking

  • Learn how to apply a narrative power analysis

  • Get access to simple and effective storytelling and framing methods

  • Network and build relationships with like-minded changemakers

What the Intro Training is NOT: 

  • It is not a media strategy training.

  • It is not an organizing 101 training.

  • It is not an anti-oppression training.

  • It is not a messaging consultation for your organization.

See our Training Calendar for upcoming Intro Trainings.


The full tuition for this training is based on your organization's budget and includes lunch, instruction and training materials. 

  • $100 - Organizational Budget of $250,000 or below, Student Rate

  • $200 - Organizational Budget of $250,000 – $500,000

  • $300 - Organizational Budget of $500,000 or more

Note: If you are applying as an individual, please choose an amount on the sliding scale according to your financial capacity $100-300. Contact us if you have specific questions about the participant fees, including individuals or organizations for which this may be a hardship.