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Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS) is a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change.

We offer training and strategic support to social justice organizations and alliances to change the story on the issues that matter most.

Stressed, Unstressed: What the Dothraki language taught me about activism and self care

by Reuben “Tihi” Hayslett

Everyone’s self care routine looks different. In 2015, this is what mine looked like: crack open the laptop, pull up YouTube, spend the evening shifting my tongue back and forth in my mouth to make sounds that I either took for granted or never developed in English. I’d lock my bedroom door and try to keep my voice down because I knew I looked and sounded silly. But in the privacy of my own room, I was in linguistic-nerd heaven!.

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Storytelling: Solving the Challenges Nobody Mentions

Open workshop at the 2019 Nonprofit Tech Conference
Friday, March 15, 2019 • Portland, Oregon

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April 1-5, 2019 • Corbett, Oregon

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