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Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS) is a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change.

We offer training and strategic support to social justice organizations and alliances to change the story on the issues that matter most.

Change The Love Story

CSS has got you covered this Valentine’s Day! Let us be your personal Social Justice Cupid and help you show love to your community & yourself in a just and sustainable way!

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 19th

Black Panther #FanActivistCon

An online convening to discuss, plan and create cultural tools that connect the Black Panther movie and the fight for justice 

Learn more (though registration is closed now)



Monday, March 19th

Intro to Story-based Strategy Training

Our Intro Training is a full-day introduction to story-based strategy with no prerequisites.  

Learn more and apply now for the Intro Training!

Get your Black Panther T-Shirts & Poster today!

Designs by Dante Garcia & Kevin Banatte • Fundraisers for our first-ever #FanActivistCon

What is Story-based Strategy?


Our TRAININGS prepare change-makers working on many issues to imagine, facilitate and execute story-based strategies with community leadership.

We work in PARTNERSHIP with frontline groups to facilitate an analysis of narrative power, develop imagination and implement visions for change.

Meet our people, all our people.



The Sandbox

A one-day event that builds our movements' capacity to imagine, create and distribute exciting visual messages.


Have you seen this image before? Could there be more to this story? What other stories could we create?

Resistance Bingo

Download bingo cards in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese, and get ready to join the resistance!