In all of our efforts to collaborate for change, we value relationships, and approach our work with respect for all people and all life on Earth.

We strive in both our perspectives and practices, to challenge racism, sexism, homophobia, and oppression in all its forms.

We challenge power structures at all levels. We are committed to becoming better allies by helping to develop accountable leadership and build broad-based movements for environmental, social, and economic justice. 
We intend this to be living document and an evolving guide for Center for Story-based Strategy’s practices, strategy, and vision. We commit to embracing the following principles:


Holistic Analysis

Social, economic and ecological issues are interconnected and interdependent. The problems are interrelated, and so are the solutions.

Analyzing Power

Through the analysis of institutional power, we identify and unpack the systems of oppression, and analyze the narratives that help to legitimize and hold these institutions in place. We bring power analysis as a lens to all of our work.

Undoing Racism

Racism is the single most critical barrier to building effective coalitions for social change. We commit to create and promote an anti-racist culture in our organization, and practice anti-racism in our personal and political work. 


We take responsibility for making space for all voices in the community of Center for Story-based Strategy. We prioritize listening to elders, youth, women, queer folks, and people of color. We listen to impacted communities’ experiences, stories, and histories, as told by them. 

Appreciation & Gratitude

Appreciation and gratitude for the whole of each other’s personhood. We will respect and nurture each other’s culture, class, gender, orientation, racial, and religious differences. We will be sensitive to each other’s family situations. We will resist arrogance. We will be willing to share our weaknesses. We will call each other out, and also celebrate each other often. 


Acting consciously and consistently to challenge historic patterns of marginalization and oppression including racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination in all its forms. 
We are committed to being a visible ally.  We are committed to action and taking public positions on oppression.  We will help build a multi-racial, anti-racist movement. 


We develop leadership intentionally and systematically within our organization. We prioritize young people and emerging leaders at every juncture. We engage in mutual mentorship, and  models of collaborative, antiracist, and feminist leadership. To organize with integrity requires that we be accountable to the communities struggling with oppression, and develop accountable leadership and relationships. 


The growth of an effective broad-based movement for social transformation requires networking or “building a net that works.” As the movement develops a strong net, people are less likely to fall through. Center for Story-based Strategy nurtures our network and acts as a connector across the issues and communities we serve. 


We, the staff, activists, board, and volunteers of Center for Story-based Strategy, commit ourselves to working together to embody the above-stated principles. If you share these principles, we invite you to join us in fulfilling them.

We are inspired by the following organizations and documents: