JOSEPH PHELAN | Worker Justice Fellow

Joseph is a creative strategist with a long history working in and with racial justice and economic justice organizations. Prior to his current work as a strategic communications consultant for foundations and organizing groups, he was the communications coordinator at Miami Workers Center, and a founding staff member at Florida New Majority where he built a communications shop that also served the Florida Immigrant Coalition. After leaving Miami Joseph joined the staff at Caring Across Generations as the Communications Director where we oversaw the national communications strategy, and supported state-based civic engagement campaigns. Joseph is an expert in strategy development, creative action design, and communications training. 
Follow Joseph on Twitter: @JTPSpeaks

Stop the Presses! is a semi-monthly live webcast produced by the Center for Story-based Strategy. Our first season of the webcast was hosted by Joseph Phelan. The program pulled together organizers, leaders, and communications experts to look at lessons from ongoing campaigns, and explore communications innovations that advanced social justice movements across the United States.