We usually know what we're against, but what are we fighting for?  
How are we advancing a vision of the future that activates & inspires?


The Sandbox Gathering is a one-day event designed to build our movements' capacity to imagine, create and distribute exciting visual messages that have the potential to #changethestory on issues that matter to us. 


Shot and edited by Danielle Coates-Connor Creative Direction: Felicia Perez and Angus Maguire.


We’re going to be making animated GIFs! We’ll be working in small groups to use story-based strategy to analyze, experiment and create visual messages. Participants will get training in using smartphone and desktop apps to create and distribute animations. These are tools that will make it possible to make things you didn’t think you could.


Shot and edited by Danielle Coates-connor. Creative Direction: Felicia Perez and Angus Maguire.


If you are a change-agent who tells stories in ANY medium, this gathering is for you. It’s not just about learning how to make animations.

See GIFs created by Sandbox participants

You’ll come away with the tools necessary to prototype, iterate, and release visual messages that get to the heart of the issue at hand. With so many possibilities, the art of making GIFs opens up an amazing landscape of imagination that makes prototyping and testing an idea or message within the reach of any budget.


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