RE:IMAGINING CHANGE updated with a 2nd Edition!


From climate change fueled disasters, to attacks on immigrants and neo-fascists in the streets, Trump’s agenda of hate, destruction and greed threatens us all. Fortunately historic numbers of people from all walks of life have joined the resistance. As we fight Trump we are also fighting in the new “post-truth” environment that he and his supporters in the right-wing media machine have created. The facts may be on our side but we need better ways to make our truths believable, compelling and actionable. Our movements need to win the Battle of the Story! 

Fortunately one of the widely used manuals for teaching organizers about narrative, messaging and strategy has just been released in an updated, expanded 2nd Edition. 

Re:Imagining Change: How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements and Change the World is packed with new tools, pragmatic lessons and updated case studies on harnessing the power of narrative, culture, and imagination to help our movements win. Featuring inspiring examples from a wide range of issues, campaigns and movements, this unique practitioners’ guide provides theoretical frameworks and hands-on guidance to challenge oppressive narratives and amplify progressive campaigns. The new edition also has a foreword by Jonathan Matthew Smucker author of the recently published excellent book Hegemony How-To (AK Press 2017). The book features powerful examples from lots of different movements and campaigns.

In order to get this book into the hands of people of the frontlines it’s being offered to activists and movement organizations with a 50% discount. So go get a copy directly from the publisher at and use the coupon code CHANGE. Better yet buy two copies (for the price of one!) and give the 2nd copy to a new activist or you favorite local organization.