Voter Fraud


Mother Jones reports that UFO sightings are more common than voter fraud. So why all the fuss about restricting voters?

Less than 1% voter fraud exists:


Voter fraud billboards target African American communities to intimidate voters in battleground states:


Strategic Allied Consulting, contracted by the GOP, was linked to voter registration abuse in battleground states.

Dan Froomkin at Huffington Post wrote:Republican officials, who have used hysteria about alleged voter fraud as an excuse to support measures that disproportionately block Democratic voters, are furiously trying to distance themselves from a growing number of GOP voter registration drives that either submitted false applications or threw away authentic ones.
The incidents might have been overlooked if not for the GOP's clamorous campaign to restrict registration drives, purge voter rolls, roll back early voting, and pass voter ID laws that opponents point out have the effect of depressing the vote among minorities, the poor and other generally Democratic constituencies.
As one Southern California alt-weekly put it, it's turning into a story of "The Wolf Who Cried Wolf."
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New York Times Editorial, Blocking the Vote, October 25, 2012The Republican Party has made voter fraud the red herring of this election. Now it turns out the party has been forced to cut its ties to a well-paid consulting firm after cases of real voter registration abuse arose in several swing states. A thorough federal investigation of the consulting firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, is needed.
Florida law enforcement officials said they were looking into “numerous” complaints against the company, which is run by Nathan Sproul, a well-known Republican campaign operative and former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. Charges of registering dead people, altering and faking registrations and other abuses are being investigated in 10 Florida counties. Similar allegations of improprieties surfaced in recent months in Colorado and Nevada, while Virginia authorities last week charged a Republican registration supervisor and former Allied employee with destruction of voter registration forms by throwing them into a Dumpster.
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