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For the first time since 1988, Climate was unmentioned in the Presidential debates.

Mitt Romney went so far as to make a joke about it at the Republican National Convention. And then came Superstorm Sandy.

This same year, Bill McKibben's article in Rolling Stone magazine shocked editors by being more popular than their cover story about Justin Beiber. #DoTheMath


What is a Frankenstorm?
A monstrous concoction of part-hurricane, part-nor'easter currently slamming itself against the eastern seaboard to the detriment of 60 million people.
What is climate silence?
The lamentable fact that neither Obama nor Romney mentioned a single word about climate change during the presidential debates or during their campaigns.
What do they have in common?
At the moment, nothing. But just maybe, that might change over the next few days. Perhaps the evacuation of over 375,000 people from New York, a "life-threatening" storm surge and the biggest storm ever to hit the east coast may be enough to warrant the candidates to finally break their silence on climate change.
Not that this will be easy to do. The linkage between climate change and this Frankenstorm isn't as straightforward as, say, a heat wave. There are several ways that climate change factors in, in large part because this crazy storm itself is so multi-faceted.
To start with: Yes, climate change plays a role. Our world is one that is warmed up and altered by the millions of pounds of extra carbon in our atmosphere, put there by people. There's no way that can't have some sort of impact. So it's not a question of IF climate change is a factor, but instead HOW MUCH. Read the whole story

OBAMA ANSWERS TO MTV ON THE ISSUE OF CLIMATE: charts the major climate statements the president has made here.

Poster by Favianna Rodriguez of

Poster by Favianna Rodriguez of