Direct actions to save the planet #SummerHeat


Check out Commons Dreams for how frontline communities and activists are fighting back this summer against the fossil fuel industry.

Focusing on the impacts of the fossil fuel industry on local "frontline" communities, the activists hope they can show that though the climate emergency is global in scale, every person—no matter where they live—has a role to play in challenging the energy paradigm that is threatening the world's vital ecosystems.

ACTION PHOTO: Portland Rising Tide "Hundreds took the to water and the bridge to create a symbolic blockade of the river and to demonstrate our readiness to prevent these terminals from being constructed. In a surprise addition to the action a huge banner was dropped reading “Coal, Oil, Gas / None Shall Pass”.
List of actions happening across the US:
Richmond Summer Heat – Bay Area
President Obama — Keep your Promises – DC
Flotilla to keep New England tar sands free – Maine
2013 Walk for our Grandchildren – Maryland
Shut Down Brayton Point – Massachusetts
Oil and Water Don’t Mix: A Rally for the Great Lakes – Michigan
Rally at the Rio! – New Mexico
Ohio vs. Frackers – Ohio
Pacific Northwest stands up to fossil fuel exports – Portland, OR
Utah Tar Sands Action Camp – Utah
Texas Keystone XL Showdown – Texas