Ruckus Action Framework



The Ruckus action framework is a critical resource to  build frontline led direct action movements. CSS is a long time supporter and Ruckus collaborator. The story-based strategy toolbox lays the foundation for Ruckus action design, leading to impactful interventions. Together we have supported the Indigenous People's Project, Bring the Salmon Home, Turning the Talk with NDLON, Climate Justice Alliance, and the Our Power action on Black Mesa. 

Recently CSS had the chance to interview Co-directors Sharon Lungo and Megan Swoboda about how the framework came to be and how Ruckus builds with communities.

"The most transformative and lasting change is the result of frontline fights," Sharon Lungo, Co-Director says. "One of the reflections we give back to folks about how to be better allies is to notice what your leadership looks like, how you operate, who you are as an organization."

Frontline Communities are grassroots communities organized for action against the direct impacts of injustice or harm they experience. Frontline fights are led by the community and the solutions to the problems they face are driven by the community, as well.


"Critical learnings into why frontline communities should be leading the way transformed The Ruckus Society," Megan Swoboda, Co-Director, says.  For the last decade, the organization has undergone structural changes from within, and in the last five years has landed on this Framework to share with the organizing community.  The Framework includes best practices, protocols, how to enter communities respectfully, a theory of change, and more.
From the Framework:

"Direct action has been central to every social change in history, and is critical now for creating a just future for people and the planet. But not all actions are created equal. If we seek collective liberation, we will need Transformative Direct Action that must be vision-based, confrontational, inclusive, accountable to and led by frontline communities."