Bank vs. America: The 99% Prevails!

Bank of America is the worst of the worst - #1 in home foreclosures, #1 financier of filthy coal, and mega-millions lobbyist for the 1%. That's why smartMeme partnered with UNITY to create the meme "Bank vs. America," and during their stockholders meeting over 750 marched and 100 activists went inside to tell their stories and "mic check" CEO Brian Moynihan. The crowds occupied the streets outside the meeting for 3 hours. 6 were arrested in peaceful acts of civil disobedience, while over 900 news stories covered the action.

The "Bank vs. America" meme ran in the New York TimesBoston GlobeThe Guardian UKDemocracy Now! and many more. Kenzo Shibata of the Huffington Post called our @bankvsamerica "The Best Twitter Handle in Recent History"

SmartMeme's work supporting UNITY for this action is part of the Echo Justice Collaborative team, led by Jen Soriano, smartMeme and Stephen Boykewich - and part of smartMeme's ongoing commitment to building the movement for the 99% and amplifying the organizing of People of Color and working class communities. 

Hundreds of dedicated people made this action possible - from bus drivers to banner artists, livestream techies to nonviolence trainers...We are moved to have been a part of it all and tip our hat to everyone who had a hand in such an amazing day. Big shout outs to the local organizations who welcomed all: Occupy CharlotteAction NC, and the NC Coalition Against Corporate Power, who are now gearing up to March on Wall Street South during the DNC (to be held at Bank of America arena.) Also, a huge thank you to revolutionary artists: Ernesto Yerena, Ken Srdjak, and Cesar Maxit. 

Wednesday's action was a loud, proud, and peaceful nonviolent demonstration, and the turnout was phenomenal. It was the largest organized demonstration against a Bank of America shareholders meeting, ever. Let's keep the pressure on and #MakeBoApay!


The smartMeme team has been hard at work supporting The UNITY Alliance and99% Power coalition protests at the annual shareholders meeting of Bank of America in Charlotte, NC this week, and we are totally inspired by the power of this awesome action!