Have you seen this image before? 
Could there be more to this story?
What other stories could we create?


At the Center For Story-based Strategy we have been playing with different ways to use images in order to help explain some of our narrative strategy concepts. Specifically, we have been struck with the importance of training people to challenge the underlying assumptions in organizing work and creating moments that trigger what we call "psychic breaks."

Being able to create such kind of moments is essential because when these "breaks" happen the status quo stories no longer hold true and people are more open to new perspectives. These are the very moments when folks can Change The Story

So our CSS Imagination staff teamed up with our friends at the Interaction Institute for Social Change and we decided to do some Imaginaction work that we are calling #The4thBox.


It works like this:  We want you to imagine another story and tell us or show us would you would illustrate in #The4thBox.

  • What other story could be revealed in this setting?
  • What other "psychic break" could you make up?
  • What other underlying assumption here could you challenge? 
  • Who built that wall in the first place and/or who took it away? 

Use the image in your movement work to spark conversations. Use it to discuss the importance of not just telling a different version of the same story, but of actually changing the story (by challenging assumptions). And if you can think of or draw up a new story to add, send it to us or share it with #The4thBox hashtag.

Get Creative with #the4thBox today

Paper Cutouts

We can't wait to see & hear what you imagine!