This 90-minute online self-paced workshop will introduce you to Story-based Strategy Core Concepts in theory and use. Participants will be provided with a practical framework for understanding the power of knowing and using Story-based Strategy in their work.

We will explore what it means to apply a “Narrative Analysis of Power” to social change work and share the Story-based Strategy approach for developing narratives. Throughout the workshop, we review critical moments in history and popular culture to create memorable demonstrations of what the Story-based Strategy Core Concepts are and how they work. Participants begin practicing right away, learning how the concepts are alive in their life.

SBS Core Concepts is available in English & Spanish

Training Instructor, Christine Cordero


Christine Cordero is an organizer, strategist, and public speaker. She received a BA in Linguistics from Stanford University, with a concentration in language and power. She has 20 years of experience in social justice sectors including environmental health and justice, youth organizing, and labor. She is the outgoing executive director at the Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS).