Resistance Bingo

The fun way to GET everyone involved in resisting U.S. fascism & building power to defeat it. 

4 bingo cards available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, & Chinese. Each PDF comes with a bonus 5th blank card for creating your own!

Setup for Resistance Bingo

  1. Decide the number of players. 
    Play Resistance Bingo alone, or with family/friends/co-workers/network. Each card  was made with consideration for ranges in age, experience, and access to activities.
  2. Print/Photocopy/Email the bingo sheet making sure that you have enough for each person to play.   
    There are 4 different Resistance Bingo cards in total. Check out all four cards next week! 
  3. Decide which difficulty level you will play.
    Four Corners Win ★, Horizontal/Vertical Line ★★, Diagonal Line ★★★, Black Out ★★★★
  4. Decide on what the prize will be for the winner(s).
  5. Decide how long you will play the game and how you will update each other on your progress.
  6. Start Resisting!

How to Play Resistance Bingo

To win Resistance Bingo, a player must place their initials inside each corresponding box for the act of resistance they have taken. (Keep in my mind that part of resisting fascism includes organizing and building power to defeat it long term. We encourage folks to expand their thinking on what resistance is and can look like.)

Once a player obtains the necessary boxes for the level of difficulty they are playing, they should shout/post/call/text, "RESIST!

When a person successfully gets all of the boxes needed and shouts “RESIST!”,” the game is paused to see if they have indeed won.  Check that the player can in some way verify that they indeed can check off that box (some actions may need some explaining and details shared), and then if so, the player with the winning Resistance Bingo card has won the game. No #AlternativeFacts playing here please. 

Time to play again with a new card or a new way of playing!

Additional Hacks or Ways to Play Resistance Bingo:

  1. Resistance Bingo, Teams Edition
    Play the game in teams! Challenge another group to play with your team, and see who can get "RESIST" first as a group!
  2. Resistance Bingo, Pen Pal Edition
    Post progress/photos/videos/inspiration to FB/Twitter/IG with #ResistanceBingo to play with others living in different places and/or inspire others and grow the resistance!
  3. Resistance Bingo, Ice-Breaker Edition
    Use the bingo cards as a “get to know you” activity and gather signatures from individuals in the group to both meet people and  see who has what skills and experience in the room. 


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