Digital card decks to support your social justice work


BRB! is a deck of cards, each with a simple prompt for self care and regenerative activities that contribute to your own sustainability in social justice work.

The work we do for social justice and transformation is hard. It’s hard on our bodies, our mental health, and our spirits. As the popular movement maxim goes, this work is a marathon, not a sprint

Draw a card, and take a little time to step away, and take action that fills the well, so you can "be right back" for yourself and the movement. 

Story Detours

Story Detours are simple instructions meant to help in moving creative strategic thinking off our well-worn tracks.

  • Having trouble with your strategy?

  • Feel like you've been telling the same story for too long, without enough impact?

  • Have a strategy, but stuck on how to tell the story?

Draw a Detour card when you’re stuck crafting a story-based strategy, and follow the instructions to experiment and give your imagination a different route to take.

Picture This!

Staring at a blank page can be overwhelming, even for experienced change-makers planning a creative action. Get the creativity flowing by getting out of analysis mode and just prototyping an intervention, using the Picture This! deck. 

Each card indicates three constraints for you to follow in designing an action or intervention:

  • A Point of Interventionwhere you will intervene

  • A Medium – what form the intervention must take

  • An Emotion – the emotional reaction your intervention is intended to evoke in the audience

Draw a card and get to prototyping!!

Anonymously suggest a card for either deck, or list several card ideas here.