Black Panther #FanActivistCon – A Virtual Gathering for Justice

An online convening to discuss, plan and create cultural tools that connect the Black Panther movie and the fight for justice

The #FanActivistCon is over, but the fun isn't!
Check out some of the amazing Black Panther GIFs made by our attendees. 

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Designs by Dante Garcia & Kevin Banatte

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February 19th, 2018 • Noon-7pm PDT / 3-10pm EST

We'll gather online in a mass video conference to learn and build together. 

This event is ENTIRELY online

  • No hotels, travel or conference logistics
  • Join from your office, bedroom or wherever!
  • Registrants will receive instructions for setting up conferencing software in advance of the event.

Marvel’s Black Panther movie provides a unique opportunity for organizations working on environmental and racial justice issues to connect their work to a pop culture juggernaut.

Fans will be already developing responses to the movie’s story that have a political analysis. Fans will be looking for activism and actions to take inspired by the movie as we’ve seen from releases like Wonder Woman.

What if fans and nonprofit organizations actually get to know each other as the movie launches so we create a collaborative strategy that will use the free marketing the movie provides to further our causes?

Whether we do this or not there will be an enormous conversation about colonialism and black power happening in the wake of the movie. We want to make sure that superfans, cultural critics and folks from racial justice and environmental justice groups are all talking together about ways we can build off the movie's narratives to elevate issues like resource extraction, colonialism & racial justice (we suspect those will be themes since, what is Klaw but a way to talk about colonialism and resource extraction?).


OPENING SESSION I (30min): Black Panther in relation to social justice issues of today

GIF MAKING SESSION II (120min): Learn how to make GIFs that showcase the characters and overall storyline of the Black Panther movie

TWITTER CHAT SESSION III (60min): Plan an organized twitter chat for fans, activists and organization staff to discuss the movie through a political lens

ACTIVIST TOOLKIT SESSION IV (60min): Preview the latest Fandom Forward Black Panther toolkit and retool it with the latest information from the movie and post-movie online trends

FAN-ART VISUALIZATION SESSION V (45min): Interactive group discussion on what the content should be for a commissioned Black Panther illustration or image.

Session Duration Pacific Eastern
Introductions & Welcome to the first #FanActivistCon
Terry Marshal, Intelligent Mischief
30 min Noon–12:30pm 3–3:30pm
Making Black Panther GIFs for Social Justice
Felicia Perez & Angus Maguire, Center for Story-based Strategy
120 min 12:30–2:30pm 3:30–5:30pm
Break 30 min 2:30–3pm 5:30–6pm
Planning a Black Panther Twitter Townhall
Elana Levin, New Media Mentors
60 min 3–4pm 6–7pm
Break 30 min 4–4:30pm 7–7:30pm
Creating a Black Panther Fan Activist Toolkit
Janae Phillips, Harry Potter Alliance
60 min 4:30–5:30pm 7:30–8:30pm
Break 30 min 5:30–6pm 8:30–9pm
Black Panther Fan-Art Visualization Session
Elana Levin, New Media Mentors
45 min 6–6:45pm 9–9:45pm
#FanActivistCon Closing Session
15 min 6:45–7pm 9:45–10pm