Change the Love Story


CSS has got you covered this Valentine’s Day! Let us be your personal Social Justice Cupid and help you show love to your community & yourself in a just and sustainable way!

Nothing says LOVE like preventing burnout and taking care of each other


Use the BRB! digital card deck to draw inspiring instructions for taking care of yourself and maintaining a sustainable relationship with your social justice work.

No Burnout Bingo

Play No Burnout Bingo with your friends, family, comrades and coworkers and have fun with the work of self care and movement sustainability. 

Committed to Sustainability & Avoiding Burnout in your movement work?

Download and share this PDF Sustainability Survey. Based on the survey that CSS conducted in creating the BRB! deck and No Burnout Bingo, this two-page tool can help kickstart a conversation on burnout and sustainability in your team, affinity group or community!

Need a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your Comic Boo?

Check out CSS's series of Black Panther t-shirts, ready just in time for the Black Panther movie premier. Check out all the designs and order yours today!