#FrackingBad brand bust

Every so often our messages have a chance to hitch a ride on popular culture. Breaking Bad, the award winning drama about a methamphetamine empire, provides such an opportunity.

Shout out to Design Action on the visual!


By Danielle Coates-Connor, Former Senior Associate


"Natural Gas" is a control meme.

It exploits the fact that methane is naturally occurring in order to imply that it is safe. We know that fracking is destroying the water, air, and health of frontline communities. And that's just the extraction part of it. The process of transporting, refining and burning the gas causes even more destruction and produces deadly pollution that poisons people and further destabilizes the climate. Gas is not a solution to our energy problems. The real solution is to break the addiction to fossil fuels and implement a just transition to local, clean, renewable energy generation. To see an inspiring example of a new frontline led campaign which is fighting for just that check out our partners at the Our Power Campaign.
Natural gas? Why not call it what it is ... METHane Gas. These cartels are cooking our planet, contaminating our air and water, destroying rural landscapes and livelihoods, and leaving behind nasty, toxic pollution ... sound like a meth lab or what? 
We invite you to share and play with this meme and help reframe public understanding of the gas industry. Draw your own connections with the Breaking Bad plot for social media distribution, or as a point of entry to educate your community against the industry hype. Together we can bust the so-called "natural" gas brand by showing that the gas industry is deceiving the public and that we can't afford any further fossil fuel development.
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