Transformative media organizing: LGBTQ & two-spirit media work


By Felicia Perez, CSS Creative Projects Associate

Our work here at CSS is grounded in a narrative analysis of power—a recognition that humans use stories to understand the world and our place in it. Stories are embedded with power— the power to explain and justify the status quo as well as the power to make change imaginable and urgent. 

We found this report to be particularly insightful on how LGBTQ and Two-Spirit people are shifting narrative "to make a resounding call for a lived equality and justice for all people." 

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LGBTQ people of color and Two-Spirit folks increasingly use transformative media organizing strategies to work together across intersections, and to challenge structural, state, and interpersonal violence, racism, heteronormativity, mass incarceration, detention and deportation, and more. They make queer lives, experience, and wisdom visible through media and culture-making. 

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