Reflecting our values in org culture


Bernice Julie Shaw, Operations Manager

January, 2015 -- We're honored to be profiled by the Social Transformation Project (STP) in their recent "Tools in Action" series. Edie Irons, STP's Communications Director, interviewed us on how we've integrated their tools in our internal organizational development work. The result has been a series of experiments that has dramatically shifted CSS' organizational culture and helped increase shared leadership, accountability, and our capacity to adapt to transition and change. We're so grateful to Edie for digging deep with us and even helping us to shine a light on how we're reimagining change internally at CSS. 

We hope you enjoy this snapshot of our internal work process, and highly encourage all fellow social change-makers to check out STP's incredible resources for your own values-driven org development!

The organization has moved from a culture of over-working to focusing on reducing bottlenecks, increasing workflow, and prioritizing holistic outcomes. Our tools and the ones they created for themselves have helped create new habits and behaviors that express organizational values of transparency, shared leadership, accountability, and effectiveness. Staff members feel empowered and on their game, and it all shows up in the work. -"Tools in Action: Center for Story-Based Strategy"