Which future?

CSS was founded on the belief that the truth is a contested space.

We live in an era of dramatic changes and dramatic choices. Our movements are proposing radical shifts in the way we envision our collective future. 

But too often, the “truth” that is most loudly broadcast is some version of the dominant narrative of "T.I.N.A.," telling us “there is no alternative.” 

Are you sick of the T.I.N.A control myth?

CSS is committed to building a future beyond T.I.N.A., which is why we are training the next generation of social change leaders to be transformative storytellers who connect the dots between vision, strategy, and action. 

Join us in reimagining what 's possible. 

This time that we live in can and will be a turning point to a different type of future - Patrick Reinsborough, CSS Executive Director

By Patrick Reinsborough, Executive Director