The perfect FaceBook post


Joseph Phelan, CSS Fellow

Here at the Center for Story-Based Strategy Blog we go deep and heavy on ideas. That's because we really believe that organizers, activists, communicators, and everyday people interested in winning justice need to look at dominant narrativestruth vs. meaning and emerging counter narratives in order to win.

We also know that all of this thinking, all of these big ideas, criticisms, and analysis only go so far. We also need to get some things done. Today, we bring you a couple of re-posts about Facebook from our friends over at New Media Mentors. The first post looks at how to get your content (based on your winning story, of course) seen on Facebook:

"While most of us know posts with visual content do better than those without, here are some other juicy tidbits to keep in mind..."

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The thing is, as New Media Mentors reports, Facebook might not be the place to be after January, when organic reach essential disappears.

"It wasn’t long ago that Facebook was the new frontier for nonprofits. As Facebook’s user base grew exponentially nonprofits rolled up their sleeves and went to work building communities on the platform. It was a new and exciting way to engage with supporters. It was an opportunity to go beyond the one-way style communication everyone was used to with email, and build a real relationship with the people backing our causes. It was the future. Or so we thought."

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We encourage you to bookmark the New Media Mentors Blog and follow them on twitter @WinTheNet. They are a great resource for all things digital strategy.