Homes for all

Story-based Strategy training and consulting aided the organizing power-house RTC in creating a unifying frame, Homes for All. This frame served as a bridge between renters and homeowners, and opened the narrative for stories of the housing crisis to aggregate. Underwater homeowners fighting for principal-reduction, and community members without homes or in public housing, are all visible within this frame.

Rachel LaForest, Executive Director of the Right to the City Alliance, appeared on the Bill Moyers show in May. He asked Rachel about story-based strategy, and to describe the dominant narrative around housing in the U.S.


CSS has partnered with the Right to the City Alliance to reframe public understanding of the housing crisis. 

“The Center for Story-based Strategy is a brilliant organization that does training for organizations. Their premise is that values are communicated not necessarily through facts, but by giving meaning to a set of values and being able to tell a story.”
"For a long time it's been that your ticket to the American dream, or demonstrating that you've arrived within the American dream, is home ownership. What does that mean for people who are homeless, who are renters, who are part of public housing? We're challenging the assumption that home ownership means the American dream. But rather that access to equitable housing that is affordable and allows for people to participate in their communities is actually the American Dream."

--Rachel LaForest, Right to the City