Training report: Back in Detroit!

The training was a 5 hour introductory workshop on Story-based Strategy, with a focus on campaign cornerstones and framing. The purpose of the training was to support the Federation's goals of building internal capacity and skills in communications strategy. CSS highlighted the power of framing and its crucial role in strengthening communications strategies. 

We're honored to have been invited to participate in this year's conference, and look forward to the way these folks are going to start changing the story on race and discrimination around the country. 

Interested in attending a CSS training? Excited about CSS being in Detroit? Well, stay tuned and sign up for our mailing list, as we announce a public training in Detroit coming up in early 2014! 

The amazing folks at Michigan Roundtable invited CSS to host a workshop at the National Federation of Just Communities' 2013 Conference in Detroit for its affiliates. The conference itself was an inspiring multi-day gathering of folks from across the country.

About the National Federation of Justice Communities:

The member organizations of the National Federation for Just Communities share a common commitment to creating inclusive, respectful, and just communities. We actively work to dismantle all forms of prejudice and discrimination, promoting respect, understanding, and equality for all people. Our role is to educate, advocate, and address conflict relative to issues of discrimination and inequality of individuals and groups within our communities.