From nopapersnofear.org:

The tour began on July 29th in Phoenix, Arizona, following a week of action calling for  Sheriff Arpaio to be brought to justice and for the federal government to stop collaborating with Arizona's crisis. We will head through key states, including New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. The tour will end in North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention. 

Riding the bus alone is a great risk because of the checkpoints and profiling that has become so common. But the ride is also arena for mobilizing, where we will build with those who have a story to tell, who have realized the only secure community is an organized one. We have overcome our fears and are ready to set a new example of courage. We hope this country and its officials will be brave enough to follow.

Timelapse video shows the making of the bus:


"The No Papers No Fear Journey for Justice performed Civil Disobedience in front of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC today. They asking President Obama if he wants his legacy to on the wrong or right side of the Human Rights Struggle. Do you want to be remembered as the president who deported the most people or the president who recognized the Human Rights of Migrants by stopping the deportations, collaboration between ICE and local law enforcement by stopping InSecure Communities and 287(g)."


"The entire Unzueta family participated in the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice including three of them being arrested in civil disobedience at the Democratic National Convention."