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The Big Stories

Power without Pollution: Join Us! August 9th, 2014 in Richmond, CA

Imagine: a movement where frontline fossil-ful impacted communities from across the US band together to defend one another's fight to transform to lead a transition fro the Extractive Economy and towards local, living economies. Find out more about the Our Power Campaign here. Together we are stronger than greed or fear!

Forget the Name Game

"climate activists should be more concerned with framing" -- Waging Nonviolence, Bryan Farrell, interviews Patrick Reinsborough, CSS Executive Director, on what the new Yale Study on Climate Communication means for climate justice.

Stop The Presses! "Re:Imagining Solidarity"

A semi-monthly live webcast produced by the Center for Story-based Strategy, co-sponsored by the United Workers Congress, and hosted by Joseph Phelan & Christine Cordero.