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The Big Stories

Doritos Brand Hack

When I went to my Dad’s house recently there was a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos on top of the fridge. Not one to turn down the gracious offerings of any host I ate most of the bag, licking the magical MSG dust off my fingers between each handful. My once youthful lust for Doritos – scarfing down bags of them with friends while watching VHS tapes rented from Blockbuster – was reignited. That was until I saw the brand hack ad targeting Doritos parent company PepsiCo for their over usage of palm oil.

Reflecting Our Values in Org Culture

We're honored to be profiled by the Social Transformation Project (STP) in their recent "Tools in Action" series. Edie Irons, STP's Communications Director, interviewed us on how we've utilized their tools in our internal Organizational Development work.


On January 7th, like many people across the world who receive their news through the magical tubes known as the "internet," I opened my computer and then my browser and was suddenly asking myself "Who the hell is Charlie Hebdo?" As details of the atrocious and horrible attacks on the publication came to light through out the day I started to see people throughout social media posting #JeSuisCharlie. That's when I really started to ask "Who was Charlie? and I really him?"