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The Big Stories

Image Reflection

As a story based strategist I spend a lot of time thinking about what images best advance narratives for campaigns and movements. But this exercise needs to be applied to the real world. I need to be connecting creative narrative campaign practices to real time conditions. This means thinking about how to move and image out and saturate the consciousness of my targeted audiences.

Warning: Click Bait – Racism in your Machine

Technology is evolving and innovating all the time. We are integrating hardware and software into our lives more and more everyday. And opportunities for digital intervention, organizing, and activism are multiplying with each new iteration of tech. Yet, if new technology is not developed by those who are leading the charge for racial and gender justice, then we are missing the real chance to innovate our society.

Climate Justice, Black Organizing, and Mike Brown

If we own and control our own political and economic resources and systems then we can hold whatever mechanisms for justice that we come up with accountable to us. We have to act – not because the system won’t change, but because that’s the only way to get the system to change.