Our Core Concepts In-Person Workshop is a short 2-3 hour introduction to story-based strategy.

This interactive session will provide participants with a practical framework to analyze powerful stories and hands-on tools to begin to apply to your work. This training is perfect for individuals and organizations looking to jump-start their story-based strategy practice and learn to use the power of narrative in their social change work.

In the SBS Core Concepts Workshop, you WILL...

  • Explore and unpack story-based strategy and narrative thinking

  • Learn how to apply a narrative power analysis

What the SBS Core Concepts Workshop is NOT: 

  • It is not a media strategy training.

  • It is not an organizing 101 training.

  • It is not an anti-oppression training.

  • It is not a messaging consultation for your organization.

This workshop is limited based on organizational capacity and an assessment of mutual fit and alignment. It is currently offered for organizations only, and includes instruction/training materials. The costs for this workshop varies, and is largely dependent upon location, participant size, and time of year. We invite you to review our Theory of Change for more information on the communities and organizations we support.