sujin lee

Through her coaching and consulting, sujin helps social justice organizations and alliances be strategic, innovative, and build strong relationships. sujin uses team coaching to help groups increase their effectiveness, realize their collective vision for change, and cultivate shared leadership. In executive coaching, she uses her strong intuition and non-judgemental approach to help individuals connect to their values, passion, and creativity. sujin has experience working with service, organizing, and policy advocacy organizations in various fields, including education, environmental justice, economic justice, domestic violence, reproductive health and justice, LGBTQ organizing, gender justice, youth organizing, and civic engagement. For almost 20 years, sujin has worked for social justice and healthy communities as an organizer, facilitator and program director in Los Angeles, Oakland, and internationally.  As a former Community Fellow at Tides Foundation, she coordinated economic & reproductive justice funding initiatives.


Anat Shenker-Osorio

Anat is a communications expert, researcher and author of Don't Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense About the Economy. Anat applies tools from cognitive science and linguistics to political discourse to understand how people reason and persuade them on issues from economic justice to immigrant rights and climate change to reproductive justice. Having advised organizations that include the AFL-CIO, Congressional Progressive Caucus, New Zealand's Green Party, Australia's Labor Party, the Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundations, Anat's work has been featured in the New York Times, the Atlantic, The Guardian, Salon and many other sources.


Steven C. Pitts

Steven Pitts came to the Labor Center in August of 2001 from Houston, Texas. Steven received his Ph.D. in economics with an emphasis on urban economics from the University of Houston in 1994. His master's degree is also from the University of Houston and he holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University. For the fifteen years prior to his arrival at the Labor Center, Steven taught economics at Houston Community College and, for five years, he was an adjunct lecturer in the African American Studies Program at the University of Houston. At the Labor Center, Steven focuses on issues of job quality and Black workers. In this arena, he has published reports on employment issues in the Black community, initiated a Black union leadership school, and shaped projects designed to build solidarity between Black and Latino immigrant workers. Currently, a major area of his work involves providing technical assistance to efforts in developing Black worker centers around the country.


In 2002, the Center for Story-Based Strategy (CSS) was founded as smartMeme by veteran environmental activists Doyle Canning, Patrick Reinsborough, James John Bell, J. Cookson and Ilyse Hogue.