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Advanced Practitioner's Training

June 3rd to 7th, 2013

at Redwood Glen, Loma Mar, CA


Immersed in strategy, surrounded by changemakers

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Animation by Darren Pasemko | Music: "Enthusiast" by Tours

The Advanced Training is designed as a full immersion 5 day, 4 night residential experience:

It is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that delivers the best tools and thinking from the only national strategy center dedicated to amplifying the impact of grassroots organizing for social and ecological justice with the power of narrative and memes. Together we are a powerful network of story-based strategy practitioners and leaders throughout the social & ecological justice  movements.

Expand your strategy toolbox.

* Practice story-based strategy on real campaigns

* Connect with other changemakers

* Apply these tools to your own organizing

Apply Now! Space is Limited.

This Advanced Training is: A intense boot-camp style residential training with a  sophisticated learning community exclusively focused on CSS's story-based strategy methodology and model of narrative and campaign development for movement organizations and alliances.
The Advanced Training is NOT: A media 101 training. A 101 organizing training. An anti-oppression training. A messaging consultation for your organization. An introduction to story-based strategy.

Core skills practiced:

* Integrate narrative power analysis into your campaign work

* Facilitate story-based strategy exercises such as the Battle of the Story

* Apply story-based strategy concepts in teams led by dynamic national leaders to current issues and real campaigns

* Create narratives, memes, and point-of-assumption actions

Story-based Strategy

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool for grassroots organizers, but now more than ever, narrative strategies are at the heart of successful social change campaigns.
CSS was founded in 2002 to help grassroots organizations harness the power of narrative to effectively frame issues, build stronger alliances and create more compelling messages. Our story-based strategy model links traditional organizing techniques with new strategy, training, and communications methods––like framing and branding-–to give social change advocates the tools to hone their story, challenge prevailing cultural narratives, and ultimately build stronger movements that can bring social change. Now more than ever, as the overlapping economic, social and ecological crises are escalating—while corporate propagandists and right wing ideologues push their narratives justifying further racism, fear and inequity––our movements need tools and strategies to win the Battle of the Story. 
The full tuition for this advanced training is $1,500 and includes pre-retreat webinar, book, lodging, meals, ground transport, all advanced training materials and five days of intensive training. Partial scholarships are available. Please apply and we will follow up with you about supporting your fundraising efforts and/or supporting your tuition costs with scholarship solidarity funding, if you are accepted.